All Chicken on menu is Certified Organic



In December 2012, we started around the corner with Salvo's pizzabar;now, we want to start again with Ola vivabar. Yorkville is a unique neighborhood and our favorite to do business. It felt natural to open a new store when the space became available and rather then extending Salvo's, we are introducing a health-conscious Latin restaurant and bar. Focusing on quality ingredients at an affordable price. It's a daily priority to source local and wholesome foods for our customers.Drinks are made to accompany the exclusive dishes. We are proud to bring a customer experience worthy of the neighborhood and create a lasting relationship with all our patrons. The name "Ola" comes from the Spanish word "Hola"; we removed the "H" because it is silent but it's also an acronym for...
" Only Live Amazingly! Free Delivery. Enjoy...!

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